Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Woman: More Powerful than a Strongman or King - Part 1

Throughout the history of mankind, women have managed to influence man’s behavior and decisions. Beginning with Adam and Eve, Eve influenced and convinced Adam to disobey God. Here we see Adam a man that was given authority to rule the entire earth. God gave him complete control over everything and commanded him to not eat of the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and told him that if he did, he would surely die.

Adam having all authority on earth backed by the full power and authority of God, forfeited all that, at the simple request of a woman. She did not put a gun to his head, she did not issue terrorist threats, she did not bribe him with money or come with an army to force him to submit to her will. She just simply influenced him to sin as she had done by convincing him to do what God had forbidden. Wow! That is some serious power. No guns no bombs no nothing…just a simple “honey do this for me OK baby”. Adam didn’t argue or give any resistance.

Now which of Eve’s power tools do you think she used to cause Adam to forfeit his authority over the whole entire earth? Considering the fact that they both were already naked and Eve’s body was masterfully sculpted, she no doubt commanded Adam’s full and undivided attention in more ways than one. Eve had determined that she was not going down by herself. She made sure that if she had to do the time for the crime, she was going to have company. For that moment, Adam forgot about what was at stake and that was his mistake.

So we see, in the very first story about a relationship between a man and a woman, the woman had extraordinary power to convince her man to forfeit his kingdom and be evicted from his paradise oasis. Adam obviously was not thinking with the right head.

The lesson here to be learned is: Ladies, though you possess extraordinary power, use your power wisely and responsibly. Though Eve got her man to do what she wanted him to do, it caused them both to lose-out on all the wonderful benefits they were enjoying and in its place they received a curse. This was like living in Beverly Hills with unlimited resources then being exiled to Compton and forced to get a minimum wage job for the rest of your life.

Here is wisdom…don’t be deceived into using your power to do some smart/dumb stuff. Smart/dumb stuff is when you do something thinking it is smart, but looking at it in retrospect, you clearly see that it was in actuality…dumb.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Identifying Your Real Power

Women are very powerful beings. Generally speaking, they may not be as strong as a man in physical strength and emotional stamina; nevertheless, they possess a power that trumps that of men hands down.

What is this mysterious power?
A.   Is it beauty?
B.   Is it sex?
C.    Is it her anatomical attributes?
D.   Is it her intelligence?

Well, are you ready for the correct answer? The answer is:
E.    All of the above.

However, the underlying answer is “influence”. Women have the power to influence. Men were endowed with the responsibility of authority but women were endowed with power. With that power, she influences the thoughts, behavior, and decisions of men. So in essence, if the wife of an authoritative man such as a president or king knows how to use her power, she can have a major impact on the decisions the president makes.

A woman exercises her power over a man using the previous mentioned tools of her trade (A-D). The two strongest desires of men are to control and/dominate and sexual gratification. A woman can fulfill both of those desires. Men do not necessarily have to actually be in control, they just have to feel like they are.  Some women have already figured this out.

For most men, most things they strive for in life are to make themselves become a more viable candidate to attract and impress a woman. Having money, status, muscular physique, fine clothes and cars etc., are the baits men use to catch a woman.  Women love stuff, and the man who can shower them with lots of stuff, wins the prize until someone else comes along and win her from him.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Summary of Man & Woman

This illustrates the difference between


Need I say more?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Woman: The Most Powerful Creation on Earth

When God created man, He gave him authority and strength. That made man the principal, ruler and chief administrator, head honcho in charge. His strength is his physical power, emotional toughness, and his ability to support, resist, defend, and be forceful, effective and persuasive. When the Bible said that the woman was the weaker vessel, it qualified that statement by saying that she is more easily deceived.

Why is a woman more easily deceived than the man, and why did the serpent (the evil spirit) approach Eve rather than Adam? It is very simple. Deception is the act or practice of misleading. It is implemented through thought process or the lack of sufficient thought process. Men process most things intellectually. They examine the rules, the principles and the facts and their output decision is based on that analysis. This is why God gave him authority. With authority comes responsibility and accountability. Therefore, man is accountable to God for whatever happens on earth. This idea of authority is the same as with a king, president, or any position of authority. Authority is simply authorization to govern.

Woman on the other hand is full of power. Power is the capacity to do and exert influence. But power must be controlled. Power out of control or used irresponsibly, is both dangerous and lethal. Women in general are emotion driven creatures. They typically have the tendency to act based on their feelings more so than fact based thought process. Feeling and emotions are subjective, whereas intellectual process is objective. It is easy to deceive someone who is making a decision based primarily on emotional considerations. The feelings are subject to the lies and deceptions whereas careful thought process will detect the lies and deceptions and tend to reject them.
This does not necessarily mean that a woman needs a man or a man needs a woman. However, it does imply that both the woman and the man need to include both the intellectual and emotional faculties to make quality and responsible decisions that will direct their actions and behavior. In most cases if not all, the final authority of your decisions should be based primarily on quality factual thought process rather than subjective feelings.

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